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SA COVID-19 Interactive Map 

This dashboard is developed and maintained by a team of student volunteers.

We request donations to cover stipends for those students experiencing hardships

in this time of lockdown. Donations from South African tax payers are tax deductible.

   This page serve a COVID -19  interactive map of South Africa. The purpose of this visualization tool is to provide the people   

   up to-date data on COVID -19 in South Africa. This page covers:

       * Retail and Recreation

       * Grocery and Pharmacy

       * Parks

       * Transit Stations

       * Workplaces

       * Residential

       * People moving around

       * People localized to home

  • South Africa Risk Index for the 3d wave

  • South Africa 3rd Risk Index with  AI

Interactive Map of South Africa

 By default the map shows whole South African data graphs. Click on to the map to view the trend line graphs of the selected Province

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