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COVID-19 South Africa Google Mobility Index

This dashboard is developed and maintained by a team of student volunteers.

We request donations to cover stipends for those students experiencing hardships

in this time of lockdown. Donations from South African tax payers are tax deductible.

This page serves as a monitoring tool to correlate relevant indexes with Google’s Community Mobility Reports for South Africa and its provinces. Google reports six indexes regarding mobility trends: 


  • Retail and Recreation

  • Grocery and Pharmacy

  • Parks

  • Transit Stations

  • Workplaces

  • Residential

The numbers show the percentage of change compared with the baseline, which is the median value, for the corresponding day of the week, during the 5 week period Jan 3–Feb 6, 2020.


More information regarding definitions can be found at

On this page, we use the weekly average data with the aim of reduction of fluctuation.

Confirmed Cases & Google Mobility Indexes
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