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COVID-19 South Africa Facebook Mobility Index

This dashboard is developed and maintained by a team of student volunteers.

We request donations to cover stipends for those students experiencing hardships

in this time of lockdown. Donations from South African tax payers are tax deductible.

This page is used to show Facebook Movement Range Data to explain how humans are responding to physical distancing measures.


There are two metrics:

 * People Moving around:   How much people were less moving around after COVID -19.

 * People Localized to home:   People who were localized near or with in home.

To understand how movement has changed over time, Facebook establish a baseline period for comparison for that Facebook uses four weeks of February, from the 2nd to the 29th, as a baseline period.


Movement Range Trends were collected for the people who enable Location history and Background location collection services on the Facebook on a mobile device:

FB quantify how much people move around by counting the number of level-16 Bing tiles( ~600 meters x 600 meters in area at the equator) they are seen within a day:

Data source:

Facebook Mobility Index Weekly Average
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