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COVID-19 South Africa Dashboard

This site serves as a monitoring tool of the development of the coronavirus in South Africa. This data, in conjunction with global inputs and local parameters, are being used to provide predictions for the spread and impact of the coronavirus in the country. The work is performed by an interdisciplinary team of scientists from Wits University and iThemba LABS of the NRF in collaboration with the data analytics team of DataConvergence.

Link : List of contributors to covid19sa

This dashboard is developed and maintained by a team of student volunteers.

We request donations to cover stipends for those students experiencing hardships

in this time of lockdown. Donations from South African tax payers are tax deductible.

 Note : 06 Jan 2022  Health Department recorded 551 deaths due to backlogs.

Note :  The dashboard will be updated once a week , on every Wednesday.

Overview of Corona Virus in South Africa
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